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Lead the Best!

If you have the potential to lead, the desire to make a difference and the thirst for adventure, you'll find all this and more as an officer in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment. Your role as a leader will shape the lives of the men in your team. So whether you're co-ordinating a platoon attack in Afghanistan or leading your platoon on adventure training in the mountains of Norway, you'll find more opportunities, variety, satisfaction and excitement than any other job could offer.

The Role of an Officer

As leaders and managers, officers are responsible for the operational effectiveness and the welfare of soldiers. They must make the most of their team's unique talents, bringing out the best in them in any situation. It's a role that you'll find hard to match in any ordinary workplace and it will equip you with unique management and specialist skills. Initially you will be responsible for the training, fitness, operational effectiveness and welfare of a platoon of 30 men. You will also be responsible for the servicing and maintenance of your platoon’s weapons and equipment. On operations and exercises your primary responsibility will be the command and leadership of your platoon, in dangerous, fast-moving situations. You'll soon learn to use a range of specialist skills to effectively take the lead in any situation. You'll find yourself providing career management, military and adventure training and welfare support for your team; taking responsibility for everything from rifles and anti-tank weapons to complex communication systems; leading your team on an adventurous training expedition anywhere in the world. Become an Officer and you'll have the kind of responsibility that few positions in the world of business can match. You'll be playing a vital role in the Regiment's effectiveness, using specialist skills and highly developed leadership skills in a challenging and fast moving environment. One thing's for sure; you'll never have a typical day in the office!


You will be responsible for a platoon of men and the equipment they operate. You're also in charge of their welfare and discipline, as well as their career development. Some of them may be older than you, maybe by 10 or 15 years, and with skills and experience to match. You'll need to build your soldiers into an effective team, making the most of their talents and experience. You’ll need to be an effective, inspirational and organised leader: But there's only one leader…and as an Officer, that's you!

Acquired Skills

Officers make complex decisions every day; your training will give you the knowledge and the confidence to do that. As an Officer in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment you’ll also learn to: assess a situation and act decisively; negotiate, understanding what motivates people; you’ll learn self-confidence, developing the strength of character to become a team-leader and manage any and every situation; mental agility, learning to use reasoning to solve complex problems; leadership, managing and motivating those around you; communication with a diverse range of people.


Benefits in our Regiment include skills acquisition, sports and adventure training. As an Officer you will progress along a salary structure where you'll know exactly how much you will earn for the job you will be doing - not a guarantee many employers can make. The Army also offers free medical and dental care. You will have the opportunity to be posted throughout the world on tours of up to two years. As a single officer you may choose to be accommodated in the Officers' Mess but you will also spend lengthy periods of time commanding your soldiers on operations or on exercise.

Career Structure

Our officer development programme is designed to deliver the training and education you need to take on the challenge of increased responsibility and future promotion. Your first appointment will be as a platoon commander and will last around two years. You can expect to participate in exercises with your soldiers in Gibraltar and overseas. You will be offered the opportunity to undertake an operational tour with of one our affiliated Regiments. Subsequent appointments broaden your experience. They may include training recruits, directing training and operations for the Regiment, learning a specialist role such as reconnaissance or working in a headquarters. There will be opportunity to enhance your specialist skills by attending courses in your particular area of interest. You can expect to rise to the rank of Captain within 5 years.

Lifelong Learning

Much of the experience and training you receive in the Royal Gibraltar Regiment will qualify you for academic and vocational qualifications. On entry you will be entitled to membership of the Chartered Institute of Management and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, privileges which can take many years to earn in other jobs! The Army employs a concept of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of its Officers in which you may study for a Masters Degree in Military Analysis. If you are interested in another subject the Army provides support for you: We pay each officer up to £6000 for further education as well as £175 every year for shorter courses.


Selection takes place at the Regular Commissions Board (RCB) which is made up of two distinct components. The two day Briefing is designed to assess your suitability to proceed to the Main Board and to give you some information regarding the structure and role of the Army. The Main Board lasts four days during which you will undergo physical assessments, computer based tests, essay writing, discussions, interviews, command tasks, obstacle courses and lecturettes. The Board selects those candidates with the potential, after training, to be able to command a platoon in peace and war. They will have earned a place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.


The 44-week Commissioning Course at Sandhurst is uniquely demanding, with many physical, mental and emotional challenges, giving leadership and management training which is envied around the world. There are thee 14 week terms to the course: Term one teaches the basics common to every soldier such as weapons, fitness, signals, first aid and drill. At the end of Term One cadets go on a one week adventurous training course of their choosing in an activity such as skydiving, sub-aqua, skiing, etc. This enables them to gain a formal qualification which will allow them to mount an expedition overseas at the end of Term Two. Terms two and three concentrate on developing leadership as well as teaching Defence and International Affairs, War Studies and Communication and Management Studies. Following Sandhurst you will attend a specialised Infantry Platoon Commanders Battle Course. This is a 14 week course run in Wales, giving you the skills and experience to command Infantry soldiers.

Is this the job for you?

Personal Qualities

Infantry officers must be intelligent, fit, robust and responsible. You must be able to get on with people and possess the ability to remain calm, confident and clear-headed under pressure. A sense of humour is vital. You will be expected to maintain an awareness of world affairs and an interest in the professional and personal development of your soldiers.

Education and Nationality

We require a minimum of 140 UCAS Tariff points at A/AS Level and five GCSEs, graded A-C. You must be a British Citizen or Subject, resident in Gibraltar or the UK and you should be aged over 17 years 9 months and under 29 years.